S5 E3: Trekking on through

Katrina is back! Dr. Dutkiewicz returns to present a recent case of a female presenting with a bilateral rash, progressive swelling and abdominal pain. Not all our cases require a Rheumatology fellowship … but it certainly doesn’t hurt! Listen along and diagnose with the group.

S5 E2: B or C Anchor

The team is back and this week Dr. Peter van Stolk is at the helm. Peter wastes no time throwing the group into the deep end – a 60 year old male presenting with lower extremity petechiae .. but obviously, that can’t be all! 

S4 E4: Roses Are Red…My Hand Is Turning Blue

In this episode, we explore the extended case of a woman initially presenting with a hypertensive emergency that turned out to be… well, something else. We’ll hear a few potential diagnoses from Dr. Ennis that I’m sure many of you (as I) have never heard of before. To find the final answer, however, it seems … More S4 E4: Roses Are Red…My Hand Is Turning Blue