Barry Kassen, MD, FRCPC,MACP

Dr. Barry Kassen has had an extensive career in Medicine with a focus in Internal Medicine, Research and Education. He is a Clinical Professor with UBC division of Internal Medicine, Acting Head of the Community of General Internal Medicine, Senior Advisor and Examiner for the Royal College of Physician and Surgeons, Clinical Teaching unit Director at St. Paul’s Hospital and former Acting Head of the Department of Medicine at St. Paul’s Hospital, as well as former Head of the Division of General Internal Medicine of UBC. It is Dr. Kassen’s unrelenting desire to encourage education and innovation that has helped develop this Podcast.

Stephane Voyer, MD

Dr. Stephane Voyer is a General Internal Medicine specialist based at St. Paul’s Hospital. He spends a good deal of his clinical time doing GIM outreach and rural/remote locum work throughout BC.

Daneil Ennis, MD

Dr. Daniel Ennis is a Rheumatologist at Vancouver General Hospital and St. Paul’s Hospital. He is a past Chief Medical Resident at St. Paul’s Hospital and has an interest in Vasculitis.

Thomas Roston, MD

Dr. Thomas Roston is a cardiology trainee at the University of British Columbia and a PhD student at the University of Alberta. His research focuses on the interplay between genetics and arrhythmia. Thomas Roston is a past Chief Medical Resident at St. Paul’s Hospital.

Nikki Thorpe

Nikki Thorpe IS the production manager and Sound engineer of St. Paul’s Morning Report. She owns and operates BroNik Consulting.

Lawrence Chow, MD

Janet Simons, MD, FRCPC

Dr. Janet Simons is a Medical Biochemist and Internist at St. Paul’s Hospital. Her research interest is in diagnostic stewardship and optimizing communication between the laboratory and clinical disciplines.

Katrina Dutkiewicz, MD

Dr. Katrina Dutkiewicz is a past Chief Medical Resident of St. Paul’s Hospital and current General Internal Medicine Fellow at UBC. She has a passion for teaching and plans to make clinical education part of her future career as a general internist.

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