S5 E12: Chasing the diagnosis

Today, Dr Derin Karacabeyli (Future Chief Resident at St Paul’s Hospital!) joins the group to discuss an interesting case that he was involved with. This one strikes a bit of a nerve with the crew on many fronts. Have a listen and see if you can relate to any of the discussions had. 

S5 E10 The Brown Herring

In today’s episode, Dr. Taylor Drury presents a difficult case which involved multiple specialties to achieve a diagnosis. But when there is a lacking differential, does the loudest voice determine the course of action? We invite you to listen along and see if you would have done anything differently. 

S5 E8: Thomas is back!

After a long hiatus from the St Paul’s Morning Report team, Dr. Thomas Roston has returned to present a fascinating case involving genetics and dermatology. In this episode, we span many years and explore the importance of obtaining a detailed patient history and trusting our gut instincts.

S5 E6: Elina’s Reindeer

Today we explore the case of a healthy man whose symptoms of headache and dyspnea at first glance seem to be obviously explained, until things don’t go quite as expected. Stay tuned as we explore the causes for our patients presentation and how that changes as the clinical course progresses.