S5 E14: Snowball

Join us as we watch a simple case snowball into a hard one.  And this time it’s not our fault!  ID –64 year old male, hx of insulin-dependent T2DM, CAD, untreated HepC, presenting with upper GI bleed. HPI –Sept 2019 – New onset chest and diffuse abdominal pain. No records available. Received dx of some … More S5 E14: Snowball

S1 E4: Exploding Organs

Exploding Organs In this episode Dr. Daniel Ennis leads us through an old case with new symptoms. With the help of Dr. Barry Kassen, the group explores the approach to an individual whose organs seem to keep “exploding”. How do you deal with diagnostic uncertainty? What is your threshold to treat?Is there anything IgG4 can’t … More S1 E4: Exploding Organs

S1 E3: Feeling Blue

Feeling Blue? In this episode, Dr. Daniel Ennis explores a rare case that stumps our panel. At the end of the episode, we reach out to our listeners… have you any suggestions? Could you solve this case? Why is she blue? Episode Download