S5 E6: Elina’s Reindeer

Today we explore the case of a healthy man whose symptoms of headache and dyspnea at first glance seem to be obviously explained, until things don’t go quite as expected. Stay tuned as we explore the causes for our patients presentation and how that changes as the clinical course progresses. 

S5 E2: B or C Anchor

The team is back and this week Dr. Peter van Stolk is at the helm. Peter wastes no time throwing the group into the deep end – a 60 year old male presenting with lower extremity petechiae .. but obviously, that can’t be all! 

S4 E4: Roses Are Red…My Hand Is Turning Blue

In this episode, we explore the extended case of a woman initially presenting with a hypertensive emergency that turned out to be… well, something else. We’ll hear a few potential diagnoses from Dr. Ennis that I’m sure many of you (as I) have never heard of before. To find the final answer, however, it seems … More S4 E4: Roses Are Red…My Hand Is Turning Blue